This Weeks Devotion

Pastor’s Moment

 In our fast-paced world, with its daily schedules overflowing with activities and commitments… with so many conflicts, concerns and distractions in the news on a daily basis, with the endless barrage of strife and concerns… with so much to grab our attention and keep us distracted it can be difficult to shift focus, block out it out, even for an hour or so on Sunday mornings.

In our everyday life it is perhaps more vital than ever to stop and truly worship God, to talk to Him in prayer, to listen for His voice in the midst of the noise. Yet, it can be so difficult to just get there and go through the motions. Jesus taught that the “kind of worshipers the Father seeks” are those who “worship Him in Spirit and in Truth” John 4:23, 24

As we prayerfully look at ways to reach others for Christ and as we work toward returning to Sunday School classes, children’s church we must also consider what other folks experience when they enter our doors on a spiritual level. Passionate worship is more than the sermon, more than the music or a tastefully appointed building, more than a really inciteful or moving video clip. While those things can be an important part of worship, it is a moving of the Spirit, a passion for Christ that is evident, and a love for God and each other that make the difference.

I pray that we can be the kind of Worshipers who are fired up In the Spirit, passionate about Jesus, and clearly a people who Love the Lord, one another and everyone we meet, deeply with the Love of Christ.

In the name of Christ,
Pastor Mike