Bill Yoder

             My wife and I had only been married two or three months when, in the middle of the night, we both woke up and realized that we were hungry. No fast food available in that era and certainly no grocery stores open. How were we going to make it through the night? My new wife, being a PK (Preachers kid), said that God would provide. I wasn’t a believer at that time but we went to church every Sunday and I played the part of the Christian husband, mostly because her father was the preacher of our church. How would God provide us with food at two in the morning? I was, at the least, skeptical.

We turned the kitchen light on and looked around. There were two potatoes on the counter and a few slices of bread. Opening the fridge, we found three eggs.

She sliced the potatoes while the skillet warmed up. Then we put the sliced potatoes in the skillet. When they were almost done I cracked the eggs into the skillet and scrambled them with the potatoes. I pulled the two slices of bread into pieces and added them too. Why not? Go for the gusto!

We ended up with a poor mans hash that was delightfully delicious. The whole time we ate our gourmet meal she had this smile on her face that should have told me what was coming. After we finished the hash we were full and nothing left in the skillet.

Her smile had now become a silly grin and I had to ask her, “Why the grin?” Now she was laughing and asked, “Well. Was I right? God provided the potatoes, eggs, and bread didn’t He?” Then we both laughed.

We had poor mans hash once a month to celebrate the occasion.

“…………..and from your bounty, God, you provided for the poor. ” Psalm 68:10 NIV