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Available Now : Sunday September 26th, 2021
The Seven Churches of Revelation: “The Church in Smyrna” Click Here

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      • Sunday September 19th, 2021
        The Seven Churches of Revelation: “The Church at Ephesus” Click Here
      • Sunday September 12th, 2021 “Get Behind Me Satan”Click Here
      • Sunday September 5th, 2021, “Who do you say I am?”Click Here
      • Sunday August 29th, 2021,
        “A Syrophoenician Woman’s Persistent Faith”Click Here
      • Sunday August 22th, 2021, “The Evils That Defile” Click Here
      • Sunday August 15th, 2021, “If anyone eats of this bread…” Click Here
      • Sunday August 8th, 2021, “Which Jesus Do You Worship” Click Here
      • Sunday August 1st, 2021, Feeding the Five Thousand:
        “You feed them…” Click Here
      • Sunday July 25th, 2021, “The Consequences of an Evil Deed” Click Here
      • Sunday July 18th, 2021, Isn’t this the carpenter’s son?” Click Here

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Hymns, music, video clips and the Sunday Message are all a part of our Interactive Online Worship so you and your family may have a complete home worship experience. To view the videos full screen click in the bottom right hand corner of the video. God Bless you!

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