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Available Now : Sunday February 27th 2022
No Other Name Under Heaven Click Here

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      • Sunday February 20th 2022   Lions and Tigers and Bears Click Here
      • Sunday February 13th 2022 In the midst of trouble: We Are Blessed Click Here
      • Sunday February 6th 2022 The Road Less Traveled Click Here
      • Sunday January 23rd 2022 The Promise and the Power: Scripture Fulfilled! Click Here
      • Sunday January 16th  2022 The Temptation of Christ… Click Here
      • Sunday January 9th  2022   Baptized With the Holy Spirit… Click Here
      • Sunday January 2nd 2022  Jesus Is Here: ‘We Have Seen His Star’ Click Here

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Hymns, music, video clips and the Sunday Message are all a part of our Interactive Online Worship so you and your family may have a complete home worship experience. To view the videos full screen click in the bottom right hand corner of the video. God Bless you!

We apologize for the Ads that may be in some videos…